Affiliate marketing

Boost your profits with proven marketing tools! SM SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY provides marketing services and products for business: packaging and promotion within the framework of CPA / Affiliate marketing in different countries.

Affiliate marketing

    SM SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY has extensive experience in providing services for the launch and management of affiliate marketing. We undertake the following tasks in full:

    • integration of the company into affiliate networks,
    • creation of attractive offers,
    • webmasters control and risk analysis,
    • subsequent analytics and consulting,
    • optimization of companies.

    You pay for a specific result and make profit with the use of this promotion tool.

    Our expertise will allow you to select proper tools and solutions for your tasks!


  • For partners

    The affiliate marketing is provided for SM SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY partners for two months free of charge. Starting from the third month , the monthly cost is € 700.

  • For customers that are not partners of SM SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY

    The cost of Affiliate Marketing installation is € 1,400 with a monthly fee of € 700.