Compact gaming solution with elegant and modern design


    • compatibility

      The interactive table is compatible with virtually any casino management system that supports various protocols.

    • stability

      Thanks to its hardware and software components, the Interactive Table guarantees excellent stability and continuity of operation. This results in minimized downtime as well as maintenance time and costs. Thanks to the best components and proven technical solutions, the software will ensure uninterrupted operation even in the most remote and difficult conditions in any part of the world.

    • customized settings

      The interactive table is fully customizable and can be adapted to the operator's needs. You can choose between different games (roulette or bingo), different languages (over 20) and specific parameters (e.g. game speed or betting time).

    • remote control

      Operators can access each table remotely over the Internet and track relevant events, statistics and accounting information. In addition, you can also select mobile text notifications.

    • convenience

      Data analytics and diagnostics with easy to understand reports

    • simplicity

      Intuitive and simple user interface

    • functionality

      improves playground efficiency, fits in small spaces, easy assembly or disassembly and movement on the casino floor, jackpot compatibility

    SM Software Technology uses the most advanced design processes and only the best materials to ensure long service life and high-quality appearance.

    All e-TABLES are designed with ease of use and easy maintenance in mind

    e-TABLE from SM Software Technology was designed for maximum player comfort. Players will love the spacious design with plenty of space for their feet. The optimized viewing angle will allow the player to play the game for hours, which directly results in longer gaming sessions and higher operator revenues.


    • bill acceptor and ticket printing option.
    • fits perfectly into small spaces, increasing the efficiency of the playground.
    • created for a long period of time, increasing the return on investment every year
    • beautiful view of the roulette from every user's seat
    • genuine leather upholstery
    • easy assembly or disassembly and moving around the casino floor

SM Software Technology's e-TABLE uses two types of software: BINGO and ROULETTE

ROULETTE from SM Software Technology, designed for 4 and 6 gaming seats with a 50 inch screen size, features a modern compact design with improved ergonomics to make players feel comfortable while playing.

Key features of ROULETTE for e-TABLE:

  • High-resolution multi-touch betting field
  • Multilingual menu
  • Game history and statistics
  • Attractive jackpot
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Longer game sessions
  • Higher game revenue
  • More compact, customizable
  • Excludes human error
  • Better payment accuracy

BINGO from SM Software Technology has a unique game mechanics. Instead of having one ball and slots on the wheel, all balls are rotated as if by the wind (as in national lotteries or bingo games), and then one ball is raised by a mechanical hand. This way, a unique result is generated.

Key BINGO features for e-TABLE:

  • is based on traditional and electronic bingo.
  • The electronic drum contains 49 balls, numbered from 1 to 49
  • game speed also allows operators to run more game cycles per hour
  • Players are attracted by the faster pace than in many traditional board games



    The installation cost is €10,000.

    Profit sharing model:

    • Lottery SOFTWARE partner - 50%,


    Installation cost: €13 000

    Profit sharing model:

    • Lottery SOFTWARE partner - 70%,